Geocaching Travel Bugs

After a Geocaching Travel Bug? You can buy a Groundspeak Travel Bug from The Geocaching Shop. Geocaching Travel Bugs

If you're not sure what a geocaching travel bug is let me explain a little. A Travel Bug is a dog tag with a unique tracking number. When purchased they come in pairs so you have a record of the Travel Bugs unique code. The purpose of a Travel bug is to allow you to track your own item on the website.

What's the point of a Travel Bug

Travel Bugs get attached to items so that the items can tracked on Geocachers buy Travel Bugs to attach to items and then hide these items in a geocache, a small container usually a clip top box or metal ammo box. Other geocachers will then find the cache and pick up the item with the Travel Bug. The Travel Bug and item should then be moved on to a different location and the process continues with different geocachers moving the Travel Bugs on. At each point the Travel Bug should be recorded on the website so the owner of the Travel Bug can track it's progress.

I've found a Travel Bug what next?

Each Travel Bug after being bought should be registered on the website. Enter the tracking number here and then click . If the Travel Bug isn't found the chances are it's not an official Groundspeak Travel Bug. If the Travel Bug is found, login or create an account and update the Travel Bugs page to let the owner know you've found it.

Can I track other things?

YES! Along side travel bugs you can also track geocoins, geocoins are similar to Travel bugs in that they can be tracked on and can also be bought from The Geocaching Shop Geocoins are items themselves and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Unlike travel bugs you only get one geocoin.

I want to Buy a Travel Bug

To buy your own Travel Bug, simply visit The Geocaching Shop for all your geocaching goodies.

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